Cocoa Organic Chai


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What’s the deal?

We’ve taken one of the world’s favourite indulgences – chocolate – and combined it with the exotic flavours and spices of Masala Chai to create the ultimate treat. Satisfy your inner chocolate lover with our decadent Chocolate Chai tea. The rich chocolate is balanced with sweet cinnamon, orange peel, ginger bits and other zesty spices. The texture is velvety and smooth which comes from the soothing herbal blend and rich cocoa kernels. Experience a sensory indulgence at any time with this extraordinary herbal infusion. All of that and yes, it is organic too.

What’s in it?

Herbal Infusion with cacao, orange and ginger (15 Tea Temples)

Steeping Notes

  • Steep time: 8-10 min
  • Water Temperature: 100 degrees


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