Herbal Red Bush


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What’s the deal?

The Herbal Red Bush is something extraordinary, a real earthly blend. This wonderful creation is packed with goodness. The refreshing and soothing flavours of Rooibos tea with the charm of fennel, liquorice, lemon and blackberry are ideal for an evening get-away. To really be fancy our tea tasters punched in it some peppermint and cinnamon too. Rooibos is also known for its high mineral content and wide array of antioxidants perfect to rid you of toxins and calm your system. This Rooibos tea is a very mellow cup, with some subtle, deep spicy notes.

What’s in it?

Rooibos Tea with fennel, liqourice root and peppermint (15 Tea Temples)

Steeping Notes

  • Steep time: 5-7 min
  • Water Temperature: 95 degrees


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