Lemon Chai Rocker



What's the deal?

One of Steep Box's all-time favourites. It warms the heart and lifts the spirit. The lemon chai rocker has a burst of sweet and spicy flavours rolled in lemon grass. It is blended in Hamburg, Germany to give you the most delightful herbal mix. This gentle infusion is a feel good tea perfect to increase vitality and immunity. Herbal infusions have become immensely popular as a tasty, healthy and caffeine- free beverage. The fruity, tart taste of lemon refreshes the mind and invigorates the soul. Always delicious, this tea refreshes in the summer and warms in the winter.

What's in it?

Herbal Infusion with lemon grass, coconut and ginger (15 Tea Temples)

Steeping Notes

  • Steep time: 8-10 min
  • Water Temperature: 100 degrees