Organic Indian Chai


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What’s the deal?

In many Eurasian languages, chai or cha is the word for tea. This comes from the Persian word chay, which originated from the Chinese word for tea, cha. In English, chai refers to the spiced tea, and the word tea comes from teeh, the Teochew dialect of Chinese. This delightful tea has a true taste of India with a spin of organic to it. We’ve blended a malty black tea with ginger bits, cardamom pods, and other zesty spices. This rich and soul satisfying cuppa infuses the colour and vibrancy of India. Fit to be drunk with milk, and maybe even a little sugar or honey. The aromatic and spicy nuance of the beverage engages the full senses.

What’s in it?

Black tea with ginger, cardamom, and cloves (15 Tea Temples)

Steeping Notes

  • Steep time: 3-5 min
  • Water Temperature: 100 degrees


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