Velvet Vanilla Rooibos


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What’s the deal?

This lush, indulgent blend of rooibos and full-bodied Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar is a wonderful tonic. Its soothing, sweet and ‘beany’ vanilla fragrance is ideal to awaken the spirit. Rooibos is actually a legume: a bean plant called Aspalathus linearis. The leaves and stems are harvested during the summer and then left to ?ferment?, a process in which the leaves shift from a yellow appearance to the characteristic red colour and then dried. What starts with an unassuming bush in the plains of South Africa, ends with a rich and smooth flavour enhanced by the natural essential oil of the vanilla bean. Gently hydrating and low in caffeine, it has long been valued for its natural goodness.

What’s in it?

Rooibos Tea with vanilla. (80 grams)

Steeping Notes


  • Steep time: 5-7 min
  • Water Temperature: 95 degrees
  • Tea Quantity: 3.5 grams/ 1.5 tsp per cup


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