The Tea Lovers Guide to Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day literally around the corner, we’ve got you covered! A sweet and meaningful gift doesn’t always have to cost a small fortune or involve the cliché box of chocolates and roses. This year try something totally out of the (Steep) Box and give your loved one something they’ll love and actually use!

There are tons of gifts out there, but the best gifts are always the few that come directly from the heart and represent real appreciation. So, if your loved one loves teas, latte’s, and exciting new things, then look no further! We have the perfect Valentine’s Day selection right here for you!

  1. The TEAlicious Tea Temples 

Honey Bush

Some honey for your honey! If your loved one enjoys the sweet, delicate taste of honey, then our Honey Bush tea is an excellent choice. With exceptional health benefits, wholesome taste, and sweet aroma, Honey Bush is the perfect way to get your Valentine’s Day started on a sweet note! 

Russian Snowbud 

Our exciting and exclusive Russian Snowbud tea is filled to the brim with bold bursts of fruity flavour and rosy goodness! If your loved one enjoys pampering, then our Russian Snowbud tea is the best fit! Carefully crafted with silver needle white tea leaves, this tea is both subtly sweet and boldly delectable!

  1. I Love You a LATTE!

Indulgent Chocolate 

No matter what time of year, or occasion, chocolate is always among the most loved gifts! Our Indulgent Chocolate Latte is everything you want from a Valentine’s Day gift. Crafted with the best ingredients, every cup is rich, creamy, decadent, and deliciously luxurious! 

Spiced Chai

If your partner enjoys something spicy and oriental, there’s no better gift than our spiced chai! Crafted to take you on a sensational journey, our Spiced Chai is nothing less than the best taste tantalizer out there – it’s the perfect way to spice up your Valentine’s Day! 

  1. The FantasTEAc Tea Box!

Receiving more than one gift is always wonderful!
Our fantastic selection of Tea Boxes is a great way to express your love and appreciation to your partner by giving them the ultimate Tea Box! 

With an incredible variety of different tea blends and flavours, our Tea Boxes are nothing short of spectacular! 

Whether your partner loves rooibos, green tea, or a spiced chai latte – we have a blend to suit all preferences! Valentine’s Day literally comes once a year, honour the day and your loved one by giving them something truly delicious!


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